Pom Pom Squad "Death Of A Cheerleader" CD (2021)
Pom Pom Squad "Death Of A Cheerleader" CD (2021)
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Pom Pom Squad "Death Of A Cheerleader" CD (2021)

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Details: Second full-length by Brooklyn, NY band Pom Pom Squad. "Death Of A Cheerleader," on CD digipak. New stock, sealed. Pressings of CDs and albums are made in Germany (European import).

Description: "It’s a razor-sharp bite of cathartic punk that the Brooklyn four-piece’s powerhouse frontperson Mia Berrin wrote in the traumatic throes of her adolescent feminine awakening while realizing the ever-present gaze of the male patriarchy.

The way Mia can nod to her influences—be they of the iconic 60’s girl group, characters from a John Waters film, or cutting edge fashion from today, while simultaneously spinning a beautiful and original story in her songs—is absolutely thrilling. This is the kind of record that makes you not only excited to see what you can do with an artist in a post-pandemic future, but also how you can build their career in the present circumstances."

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Souncheck
2. Head Cheerleader
3. Crying
4. Second That
5. Cake
6. Lux
7. Crimson + Clover
8. Red With Love
9. Forever
10. Shame Reactions
11. Drunk Voicemail
12. This Couldn't Happen
13. Be Good