Beings "There Is A Garden" CD/LP (2024)
Beings "There Is A Garden" CD/LP (2024)
Beings "There Is A Garden" CD/LP (2024)
Beings "There Is A Garden" CD/LP (2024)
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Beings "There Is A Garden" CD/LP (2024)

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Details: Beings "There Is A Garden" CD/LP (2024, )

Description: "There are very few lyrics across There Is A Garden; when they do appear, they beg a close listen. Amba wrote most of the words for Beings’ album when she was a little kid growing up in rural Tennessee. On “Morning Sea,” she looks at a tree growing and imagines it asking: “What’s the rush?” That image — the wild branches of a tree, sprouting at their own pace — is perhaps the perfect analogy for the sound of Beings. Unhurried by conventions of songwriting or traditional pop structure, Beings is a flowering life form that blooms a bit more with each note. Amba again sings about the natural world on “Flowers That Talk,” also out today: “Deep in my heart, there’s a garden with flowers,” she says in her distinctive low register. You can hear those flowers blossoming, bolstered by the support of her collaborators, all across There Is A Garden." - Stereogum

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01. Small Vows
02. Flowers That Talk
03. God Dances In Your Eyes
04. In The Garden
05. Face Of Silence
06. Sun Greeted
07. Happy To Be
08. Morning Sea
09. Do Come Again