Adjective Animal “America’s Got Talons” CD (2021)

Adjective Animal “America’s Got Talons” CD (2021)

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Details: Adjective Animal “America’s Got Talons” CD (2021, Independent). New stock, sealed!

Description: "Adjective Animal is the solo project of rhythm section player Jon Birkholz. While spending time playing in a handful of bands around Baltimore, MD, Jon realized that he needed an outlet for music he was writing on his own on a regular basis. The format, like the band name, comes from a standard two-guitar bass and drums rock group but the music explores the line between digital and analog. Influenced by electronic music on the one hand and the use of effects on the other, the songs usually start out on drum machine and synths and are then the parts are recreated with live instruments."

Grade: M (new stock)


01. Fun Fax
02. Everybody Hide
03. Airport
04. Octo
05. >ong
06. Strip Parade
07. Washing Machine
08. Synthine