We have a passion for music, art, popular (and counter) culture that supports womxn, the Typical Girls, and those amazing and inclusive activists, and artists who create incredible and unforgettable works. We hope to share that with you. Modern Soul Records, itself, began as an independent promoter of music in the mid-late ‘90s.

 Being involved in radio programming, independent tours and event promotions, as well as organizing independent festivals while focusing the lens on honoring womxn artists has allowed us to support and celebrate independent makers who may not have otherwise been given a space to showcase their work.

 This is our way of focusing the lens on the womxn who do the work. We hope you will revel in the memories and the artists gone by, as well as finding some new favorites to support in their work, and come to love and appreciate them, as well.

“There have always been female artists and singers putting bands together all the time. But we were not always getting credit for that because we didn’t know any better.”--the late Soul artist, Betty Wright
 "Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard."--the poet, Anne Sexton