Film School “Field” Forest Green LP (2023)
Film School “Field” Forest Green LP (2023)
Film School “Field” Forest Green LP (2023)
Film School “Field” Forest Green LP (2023)
Felte Records

Film School “Field” Forest Green LP (2023)

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Details: Film School “Field” Forest Green LP (2023, Felte). New stock, sealed.

Description: "... [the album] Field is enveloped by themes of regret, disconnection and frustration but with the space to understand that these feelings are a natural part of the struggle between reconciling the inner and outer self.  The Los Angeles/San Francisco-based group have been indie shoegaze stalwarts since their formation in 2001. After two decades and a handful of line-up changes, their extensive discography presents a dynamically textural, lush psychedelic rock that has featured guest appearances by members of Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, and Snow Patrol, among others. 2021's LP We Weren't Here was hailed for its dense instrumental blanket, where unrelenting hi-hats and heavy kicks exist alongside dreamy drone guitar. This propulsive nature permeates Field, as members Bertens, Noël Brydebell (vocals), Nyles Lannon (guitar), Jason Ruck (synths), Justin LaBo (bass), and Adam Wade (drums) produce a kaleidoscopic sonic landscape. Patient, sprawling instrumentation builds a foundation in which Bertens' themes of endurance, perseverance and clarity can bloom with a considered poise. As a lyricist who writes in response to the instrumental arrangements, rather than a focus on a specific theme or person, Field is a testament to Film School's ability to create in the moment, and to showcase the magic that stems from when we are truly present."

Grade: M (new stock)


01. Tape Rewind
02. Defending Ruins
03. Don’t You Ever
04. Isolator
05. Baby
06. Is This A Hotel?
07. Up Spacecraft
08. Lessen
09. Influencer
10. Tell Me Why
11. All I’ll Ever Be