Throwing Muses “University” CD (1995)
Throwing Muses “University” CD (1995)
Throwing Muses “University” CD (1995)
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Throwing Muses “University” CD (1995)

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Details: Seventh studio album from Throwing Muses, released in 1995. Used CD, NM.

Description: "And so it is with University, an album with a sound that seems to undercut its title. Hersh and company had been going since 1981, and by 1995, with this, their definitive statement, they proved this wasn’t about a learning curve. More than any of their rock and roll contemporaries, the players in Throwing Muses comprised a professional band, one that didn’t need to hide behind all the distortion, one that didn’t need to tear it all down. If there’s a lesson in University, it’s that this kind of sweet, melodic building can be just as powerful as the sneering power chord, sometimes even moreso. Now, 25 years after the band’s debut album, with a landscape full of garage dwellers drowning in feedback and tape hiss, it seems a timely lesson once again, and one worth relearning." 25 years after, reviewed on Prefix Mag - Matthew Fiander

Grade: NM (Cover/CD)


1. Bright Yellow Gun
2. Start
3. Hazing 
4. Shimmer
5. Calm Down, Come Down
6. Crabtown
7. No Way In Hell
8. Surf Cowboy 
9. That’s All You Wanted
10. Teller
11. University 
12. Snakeface
13. Flood
14. Fever Few