The Tissues “Veil” LP (2017)
The Tissues “Veil” LP (2017)
The Tissues “Veil” LP (2017)

The Tissues “Veil” LP (2017)

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Details: The Tissues “Veil” black vinyl, independently released, limited to 300. Released in 2017.

Description: “Post-, art-, and noise-punk fans alike are sure to fall in love with the Tissues’ debut LP VEIL, which showcases the band’s ability to blend avant-garde sensibility with newfound energy and their own dark, brooding style. The NELA-based band, which cites groups like Pylon and Siouxsie and The Banshees as major influences, are known to tear through live sets with defiant energy—catch a show if you can. VEIL is a pitch-perfect presentation of all the elements that make The Tissues so good. Jerry Narrows’ guitar tone is perfect, simultaneously sharp and full. Bianca Ayala’s bounding bass lines shine on tracks like “Fire” and “On the Magazine.” Colette Arenas holds down the fort with her tight and punchy drumming. Kristine Nevrose’s vocals are alternatively breathy and declarative, with plenty of yearning wails and piercing screams thrown in for good measure. Some tracks on VEIL appeared on their 2016 self-titled EP, like the taunting “Paint Me Black,” but have been polished up and absolutely rip now, showing that this band just keeps getting better and better.“ —Julia Gibson (L.A. Record)

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A1. Red Light
A2. Magazine 
A3. Paint Me Black
A4. Noise3
A5. Time Travel


B1. Your Own Crime
B2. Retrograde
B3. Come
B4. Fire
B5. Morning Light