Spacemoth "No Past No Future" RT Orange Crush LP (2022)
Spacemoth "No Past No Future" RT Orange Crush LP (2022)
Wax Nine Records

Spacemoth "No Past No Future" RT Orange Crush LP (2022)

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Details: Limited to 300. Spacemoth "No Past No Future" Orange Crush LP (2022, Wax Nine). Rough trade exclusive press. Opaque 'Orange Crush' vinyl. New stock, sealed.

Description: "No Past No Future is the debut album of psychedelic, space-pop artist Spacemoth. As Spacemoth's Maryam Qudus was hard at work in her recording studio, synthesizers piled high, she found her mind in another place, hypnotized by the questions swirling inside her: “How could I ever face this world alone?” she wondered. “How long will I be able to stay in this place that I love?” Attempting to understand her position in the universe, the relationships that hold her together, and the climate crisis unfolding around her, she realized ruminating over these concerns was paradoxically taking her away from precious experiences. No Past No Future is the reckoning point between nostalgia and nihilism: the struggle to hang on to a moment as it warps in time.

Devotion to music has driven Qudus—a performer, composer, and producer based in the Bay Area—for as long as she can remember. At age twelve, she traded chores for guitar lessons; at sixteen, she took on after-school jobs to pay for voice lessons. As a first-generation Afghan-American child of working-class immigrant parents, finding a place in music has been nothing short of a challenge for Qudus. But after years of building a reputation as a sought-after producer and studio engineer, she’s found a prominent place for herself. She’s collaborated with countless artists, including clients like Wax Nine’s Sad13, Toro y Moi, and Tune-Yards, which expanded her endless curiosity for recorded music and sparked the studio experiments that became No Past No Future."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1 Mind Modulation
A2 This Shit
A3 Pipe And Pistol
A4 UFObird
A5 Waves Come Crashing
A6 L.O.T.F.


B1 Asking For You
B2 Flutter Memory
B3 Round In Loops
B4 If I Close My Eyes And Pretend
B5 Noise Of Everyday Life
B6 Berries And Watch You Cry
B7 No Past No Futures