Skinny Girl Diet "Ideal Woman" LP (2019)
Skinny Girl Diet "Ideal Woman" LP (2019)
HHBTM Records

Skinny Girl Diet "Ideal Woman" LP (2019)

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Details: Skinny Girl Diet's first album, "Ideal Woman" released in the US on HHBTM Records, 2019. Black vinyl. New stock, comes packaged in a clear outer resealable poly sleeve.

Description: “At last, real girls, young and believable, singing in their own voices. The music is raw, direct, and unpretentious – these girls are timeless. They haven’t been squashed and molded. They’re still fighting, still full of energy and self-belief. Go and see them – you’ll be inspired to get up there and do it too.”--Slits legend, Viv Albertine

"Ideal Woman is a visceral display of unbridled female rage: a powerful force that is often missing in music today. "--The Quietus

"Brave, unapologetic and adventurous, riot grrrl punk duo Skinny Girl Diet stays true to their individuality and experimental nature in sophomore album ‘Ideal Woman’."--Clash Magazine

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. La Sirena
A2. Witch Of The Waste
A3. Shed Your Skin
A4. Ideal Woman
A5. Human Zoo
A6. Starfucker


B1. Western Civilisation
B2. Outsider
B3. Timing
B4. Golden
B5. Warrior Queens
B6. White Man
B7. Clickbait