Seratones "Love & Algorhythms" LP (2022)
Seratones "Love & Algorhythms" LP (2022)
New West Records

Seratones "Love & Algorhythms" LP (2022)

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Details: Seratones "Love & Algorhythms" LP (2022, New West). Black vinyl, new stock, sealed.

Description: "Love & Algorhythms is an interstellar synthesis of astral Soul, R&B, and sci-fi Funk. Working with producer Paul Butler (The Bees, Micheal Kiwanuka, Caroline Rose, Hurray for the Riff Raff), Seratones have taken the invitation to knock at the door of the cosmos. A.J. Haynes’s voice dances with soul-stirring devotion at the altar of Black Feminisms: weaving the words Toni Cade Bambara, Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis multiverse, echoes of bell hooks, and Audre Lorde’s Power of the Erotic. With drummer Jesse Gabriel’s machine-like precision and the transcendental touches from guitarist Travis Stewart, the album oscillates between Alice Coltrane-inspired bliss & Giorgio Moroder’s ecstatic release. Each song hovers and pulsates in the wide, dark matter—constellations guiding a journey through the subtle body, the vast fullness of the human experience, and the irresistible potential of liberation."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Two of a Kind
A2. Pleasure
A3. Love & Algorhythm
A4. Good Day
A5. I’ll Be
A6. Evidence (Poem Interlude)


B1. Get Free
B2. Dark Matter
B3. Get Your Shit Together, Babe
B4. Power of Your Light
B5. High