Sandii & The Sunsetz “Immigrants” LP (1982)
Sandii & The Sunsetz “Immigrants” LP (1982)
Sandii & The Sunsetz “Immigrants” LP (1982)
Sire Records

Sandii & The Sunsetz “Immigrants” LP (1982)

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Details: “Immigrants” is the second album released by the band Sandii and The Sunsetz featuring backing vocals by David Sylvian (Japan) and session soul singer Donette McDonald. European release (Germany) on Sire Records in 1982.

Description: “Sandii and The Sunsetz were brought on as the opening act for Japan's Sons of Pioneers tour. Sandii and The Sunsetz got on well with Japan, and David Sylvian wrote material for and performed on their 1982 album, "Immigrants." "Immigrants" managed a fair deal of attention on its release, getting praise from Melody Maker, Steve Scales (of Talking Heads), Dave Jordan (of Fun Boy Three) and even David Bowie 1. The band followed up "Immigrants" with the 1982 single "Sticky Music," which reached number three on Austrailian charts 5.

David Sylvian's connection to The Sunsetz lasted through the mid 80s, and he wrote and sang on the track "This is Not Enogh," off of their 1986 album "La La La La Love" (released as "Banzai Baby" in the West). One of the stronger songs on the album, the track is an interesting counterpoint to the much more minimal material Sylvian was working on around that time.”—read more at

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A1. Dreams Of Immigrants 
A2. Open Sesame
A3. Living On The Front Line
A4. The Mirrors Of Eyes
A5. You Get What You Need


B1. Jinjirogeh—The Chunk O Funk
B2. Perfect Strangers
B3. Illusion
B4. Wanted
B5. Where The Fire Still Burns