Samantha Durbin "Raver Girl" Book (2021)
Samantha Durbin "Raver Girl" Book (2021)
She Writes Press

Samantha Durbin "Raver Girl" Book (2021)

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Details: Samantha Durbin "Raver Girl: Coming of Age in the 90's" Book (2021, She Writes Press). New stock.

Description: "Weed inspires her. Acid shows her another dimension. Ecstasy releases her. Nitrous fills her with bliss. Cocaine makes her fabulous. Mushrooms make everything magical. Special K numbs her. Crystal meth makes her mean. Sixteen-year-old Samantha, raver extraordinaire, puts the “high” in high school.

A ’90s time capsule buried inside a coming-of-age memoir set against the neon backdrop of the San Francisco Bay Area's rave scene, ​Raver Girl ​chronicles Samantha’s double life as she teeters between hedonism and sobriety, chaos and calm, all while sneaking under the radar of her entrepreneur father—a man who happened to drop acid with LSD impresario Owsley Stanley in the ’60s.

Samantha keeps a list of every rave she goes to—a total of 104 over four years. During that time, what started as trippy fun morphs into a self-destructive roller coaster ride. Samantha opens the doors of her mind, but she's left with traumas her acid-fried brain won't let her escape. When meth becomes her drug of choice, things get progressively darker.

Through euphoric highs and dangerous lows, Samantha discovers she’s a creative force and learns best through experiences rather than mainstream ideals. Her mind is limitless, her quirks are charms, her passion is inspirational. She’s an independent woman whose inner strength is rooted in unwavering family ties.​ And if she can survive high school, she just might be okay."

Grade: M (new stock)

Author: Samantha Durbin is a multifaceted writer from Oakland. Her writing has appeared in POPSUGARPureWowZagat, and The San Francisco Chronicle, among others. She lives in the Bay Area with her family and her Adidas collection.

Press: “Can you get high from reading a book? You'll swear Raver Girl is laced with something author Samantha Durbin snorted or swallowed as a teen in the 90s rave scene when you dive into this mind-altering memoir where the details and dialogue feel vivid and authentic.”-POPSUGAR