Sacred Paws "Run Around The Sun" LP LTD GR (2019)
Sacred Paws "Run Around The Sun" LP LTD GR (2019)
Sacred Paws "Run Around The Sun" LP LTD GR (2019)
Merge Records

Sacred Paws "Run Around The Sun" LP LTD GR (2019)

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Details: Sacred Paws' second album, released on Merge Records in 2019, on Peak Vinyl (limited) edition, Green Translucent vinyl. Includes d/l. Sacred Paws are Rachel Aggs (Trash Kit, Shopping, Golden Grrrls, R. Aggs, etc) and Eilidh Rodgers (Golden Grrrls). 

Description: "Sacred Paws are home-grown, two friends from different cities who had cut their teeth in different groups before finding each other. Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers eventually grew into one of the most essential and life-affirming live acts on this island; with only guitar, drums, and vocals the duo had a somehow-maximalist approach to rhythm and melody.
Now sporting a full band lineup, we're thrilled to announce the release of their second album, Run Around The Sun, out May 31st on Rock Action. At heart, this is still the duo who yank improbable guitar lines out of their own fast-paced orbit, but by now wielding a fully-developed songwriting prowess that lingers long after the dance has ended. Sacred Paws are unstoppable."

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A1. The Conversation
A2. Almost It
A3. Life's Too Short
A4. Shame On Me
A5. What's So Wrong


B1. How Far
B2. Is This Real
B3. Write This Down
B4. Brush Your Hair
B5. Other Side