Radiation City "Synesthetica" LP (2016)
Radiation City "Synesthetica" LP (2016)
Polyvinyl Records

Radiation City "Synesthetica" LP (2016)

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Details: New, sealed stock copy of Polyvinyl Records indie artist Radiation City from Portland, OR.

Description: "American indie rock band that began in Portland, Oregon, in 2010. The band consists of Cameron Spies (guitar, vocals), Elisabeth Ellison (vocals, keyboards), Randy Bemrose (drums, vocals), Dasha Shleyeva (bass, vocals), and Patti King (vocals, keys, bass)."

"Enamored by modern electronic sounds but influenced by the chill tones of classic bossa records and the urgency and harmony of northern soul, Radiation City has codified seemingly disparate ideas into something equally space-aged and retro. Founded in 2009 amid the glow of one budding love affair, Radiation City quickly added a second couple to its ranks and blossomed into a full family. Debut LP The Hands That Take You quickly earned the band a 

reputation as one of Portland, Oregon’s most promising young acts, and the subsequent national tours—along with 2011’s Cool Nightmare EP—made good on that promise. But it was the quintet’s majestic, fully realized sophomore full-length, Animals in the Median, that secured Radiation City an audience far outside its native Portland, Oregon, and inspired a full album of remixes from hip-hop producer G_Force, A Different Animal. Their third full-length, Synesthetica, was recorded by underground indie rock icon and Tiny Telephone studio founder John Vanderslice, has been hailed as “the group’s most thrilling and cohesive record yet” (Sputnik Music) and “a big deal to those who like their modern pop smart, fun, and with just the right amount of modernity” (All Music Review)."

Grade: M (new stock, sealed)


A1. Oil Show
A2. Juicy
A3. Butter
A4. Come And Go


B1. Milky White
B2. Sugar Broom
B3. Separate
B4. Futures
B5. Fancy Cherries