Queen of Jeans "All Again" Amber Gold Swirl LP (2024)
Queen of Jeans "All Again" Amber Gold Swirl LP (2024)
Memory Music

Queen of Jeans "All Again" Amber Gold Swirl LP (2024)

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Details: Queen of Jeans "All Again" Amber Gold Swirl LP (2024, Memory Music). New stock, sealed. 

Description: "All Again. That’s the title of the upcoming full-length record from Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans. The LP tracks an entire arc that, by the final hazy vibrato wash of “Do It All Again,” bleeds back into the ambient first seconds of the record. “Thought I’d call tonight, hear how you’re dealing,” Miriam Devora sings to a distant lover on opener “All My Friends” in a neon-lit, melancholy tenor, the precise sound of lonesome love. The full band joins her in a beautiful night time sway, but it’s still no use: “I got all my friends around, but I’m not home til I’m alone with you.”

The rest of the record follows this relationship as it tumbles through loneliness and longing, to elation and joy, to pain and anger, and finally to its foggy close, where Devora admits, “If I got to do it all again, I’d find you there like I did back then.”

Releasing on Memory Music, All Again is principally an enveloping, rich indie-rock record, changing dance partners between cheek-to-cheek ’60s pop sweetness, ’90s alt-rock dirt, spacious and pained emo, and the songcraft and melodicism of the sharpest acoustic singer-songwriter acts. Devora (vocals, guitar, keys) and Matheson Glass (lead guitar, piano) took extra care this time to create a Queen of Jeans full-length that reflected in sound and structure the emotional depths they were exploring ..."

Grade: M (new stock)


01. All My Friends
02. Horny Hangover
03. Karaoke
04. Enough to Go Around
05. Neighbors
06. Let Me Forget
07. Books in Bed
08. Bitter Pill
09. Go Down Easy
10. Last to Try
11. Do It All Again