Pixies “Trompe Le Monde” CD (1991)
Pixies “Trompe Le Monde” CD (1991)
Pixies “Trompe Le Monde” CD (1991)

Pixies “Trompe Le Monde” CD (1991)

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Details: Pixies fourth studio album released in 1991. Used, NM CD.

Description: From the Quietus' feature '25 years on: Pixies' Trompe Le Monde Revisited: "Comprising even its most manic, dense and outlandish elements, Trompe Le Monde is ​both ​Pixies’ purest pop triumph​ and most daring release​. Notwithstanding the very real personal issues that ensured it would be the original line-up’s final full-length studio release, it remains a restless purge of aggression, melody and unwavering immediacy that saw Pixies’ celestial voyage explode in a supernova of sound and not the hushed​ whine that general consensus might lead one to believe. Reflecting on his abrupt dissolution of the band in early 1993, Francis later told Spin: “There was no closure – I’ll give them that. But it’s better than having some big fight or someone quitting the band and putting out a couple of shitty records with a different lineup, getting into some kind of legal squibble. It was sort of like, ‘Fin.’” While the jury is still very much out on the “shitty records with a different lineup” bit (Head Carrier, the band's sixth studio album – and first full appearance with Deal replacement Paz Lenchantin on board – is released on 30 September) Pixies’ “Fin” wasn’t an impulsive fax, big fight or legal squibble: it was unequivocally Trompe Le Monde. Have a fresh listen, Dannii Minogue. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised." - Brian Coney, The Quietus

Grade: NM (Cover/CD)


1. Trompe le Monde
2. Planet Of Sound
3. Alec Eiffel
4. The Sad Punk
5. Head On
6. U-Mass
7. Palace Of The Brine
8. Letter To Memphis
9. Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons 
10. Space (I Believe In)
11. Subbacultcha
12. Distance Equals Rate Times Time
13. Lovely Day
14. Motorway To Roswell
15. The Navajo Know