Onyon "Onyon" CS (2022)
Onyon "Onyon" CS (2022)
Trouble In Mind Records

Onyon "Onyon" CS (2022)

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Details: U.S. reissue of Onyon's debut cassette EP (program repeats on both sides) on Trouble In Mind Records. Housed in a clear/black cassette case w/ either a pink or yellow cassette shell (randomly inserted). New stock, sealed. Originally released by the Flennen & U-Bac labels in Jan. 2022.

Description: "Leipzig, Germany band Onyon appeared quite suddenly earlier in 2022, with their eponymous debut cassette EP, co-released by German labels U-Bac & Flennen in March of 2022. Trouble In Mind was so enamored with the tape, that they signed the band right away, and have reissued the cassette in a much larger edition and in a (nearly) identical tape version.

Hailing from the same D.I.Y. scene in Leipzig as the fabulous Maraudeur, Onyon’s synth-soaked racket on their debut pits synth vs. guitar as they arc & dive-bomb around the rhythm section’s stuttering pace. Some used to call that “herky-jerky”, but this isn’t that intricate or precise. Onyon’s ragged magic lies in those imprecise recorded moments caused by excitement, fervor & feeling. Vocalists Ilka Kellner and Maria Untheim keep it cool, trading off lead duties in both English & German in a detached monotone most times while singing fantastical or mundane tales about shrunken heads, nature, cats & someone forgetting to water their plants. While the whole affair has whiffs of Kleenex, X-Ray Spex, DEVO, Chrisma, and the like, Onyon’s debut also tips the hat to newer groups like the aforementioned Maraudeur, The Staches or The Cosmetics (but filtered thru a modern-day, urban-decay post-punk lens… that’s a thing, right?), Keen heads will also hear some Sixties garage-band vibes filtering through, like The Index, The Seeds, or maybe an alternate universe VU if they were led by Nico instead of Lou? (Can you imagine?) Welcome to the musical world of Onyon."

"...shrouded-but-spiky, subtly goth-tinted post-punk" ~Erika Elizabeth / MRR

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Window Shopper
A2. Kanal
A3. Klick
A4. Shining River Utah
A5. Fell Naturell
A6. Shrunken Head
A7. Octopus
A8. Dry Plants
A9. Cat's Body


B1. Window Shopper
B2. Kanal
B3. Klick
B4. Shining River Utah
B5. Fell Naturell
B6. Shrunken Head
B7. Octopus
B8. Dry Plants
B9. Cat's Body