Molly Burch "Daydreamer" Cotton Candy LP/CD (2023)
Molly Burch "Daydreamer" Cotton Candy LP/CD (2023)
Molly Burch "Daydreamer" Cotton Candy LP/CD (2023)
Molly Burch "Daydreamer" Cotton Candy LP/CD (2023)
Molly Burch "Daydreamer" Cotton Candy LP/CD (2023)
Molly Burch "Daydreamer" Cotton Candy LP/CD (2023)
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Molly Burch "Daydreamer" Cotton Candy LP/CD (2023)

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Details: Molly Burch "Daydreamer" Cotton Candy LP or Compact Disc in plastic case variants (2023, Captured Tracks). New stock, sealed.

Description: "Though the album spends time with mournful, anxious reflections, the songs on Daydreamer never feel bogged down in bleakness or morbidity. Burch’s ability to take the darkest moments of her life and translate them to a universal language lays the ground for her most masterful pop writing to-date. Daydreamer is dedicated not only to her thirteen year-old self, but the thirteen year-old selves of listeners that still lingers within them. As children, we escape the world and our scariest thoughts through daydreaming. When Burch was a kid, she would daydream about how life would look when she was older, when she’d presumably have all her shit together. Now, as an adult, she finds herself daydreaming about what’s next in life, what she’ll create in the future, and the person she wants to be. The chorus of album closer “Bed” repeats the expression, “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” Burch says, “this is me taking responsibility for my current state in life, acknowledging my past, while moving forward with a newfound appreciation for my journey. ...

Daydreamer boasts a sharper, much cleaner production approach and a bit more pop than Burch’s previous records, thanks to producer Jack Tatum (Wild Nothing). “I had worked withJack before on our co-written song ‘Emotion’ that we put out in 2020,” Burch says. “When deciding who would produce Daydreamer I knew I wanted it to be Jack as soon as I started writing. We have similar taste and sensibilities and I look up to him so much.” There are Japanese city pop inspirations, horns, strings, and more ballads, with a throughline of Molly’s masterful, shimmering vocals taking center stage. The result is music that feels stirring and sweeping, pulling in sounds and influences of the past, while also propelling Burch into a further development of herself as an artist."

Grade: M (new stock)


01. Made of Glass
02. Physical
03. Baby Watch My Tears Dry
04. 2003
05. Tattoo
06. Unconditional
07. Heartburn
08. Champion
09. Beauty Rest
10. Bed