Mice Parade "Bemi-Vinda Vontrade" Clear Anniversary Ed. LP (2023)
Mice Parade "Bemi-Vinda Vontrade" Clear Anniversary Ed. LP (2023)
Bubble Core

Mice Parade "Bemi-Vinda Vontrade" Clear Anniversary Ed. LP (2023)

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Details: Mice Parade "Bemi-Vinda Vontrade" Clear Anniversary Edition LP (2023, Bubble Core Records). New stock, sealed.

Description: The rare Stereolab remix of "Warm Hand In Farmland" is included in the d/l card that comes with this very limited clear vinyl LP. The album has been re-cut and this pressing is even better sounding than the original, which has been out of print for many years.

"Bem is a record of constant motion: speeding up, slowing down, changing directions, repeating, movement in all directions. Although finely tuned and well-orchestrated, the album never panders by creating an artificial sense of drama or relying on familiar rock tropes. The Mice Parade instead performs with such modesty that the effect is warm and inviting. It simply speaks to the familiar. In this sense, Bem-Vinda Voltade lives up to its name by welcoming the listener to a musical world that mirrors a familiar life — ours."--PopMatters

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Warm Hand in Farmland
A2. Nights Wave
A3. Passing and Galloping
A4. The Days Before Fiction


B1. Steady As She Goes
B2. Waterslide
B3. The Boat Room
B4. Ground As Cold As Common
B5. Ende