M.I.A. "Arular" CD (2005)
M.I.A. "Arular" CD (2005)
M.I.A. "Arular" CD (2005)
M.I.A. "Arular" CD (2005)
Interscope Records

M.I.A. "Arular" CD (2005)

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Details: M.I.A. "Arular" CD (2005, Interscope). Gentle wear, previously owned.

Description: "... the closest thing to a truism about Arular is that it's a taut, invigorating distillation of the world's most thrilling music; a celebration of contradictions and aural globalization that recasts the tag "world music" as the ultimate in communicative pop rather than a symbol of condescending piety."

Grade: VG+/VG+


1. Banana Skit
2. Pull Up The People
3. Bucky Done Gun
4. Sunshowers
5. Fire, Fire
6. Dash The Curry Skit
7. Amazon
8. Bingo
9. Hombre
10. One For The Head Skit
11. 10 Dollar
12. U.R.A.Q.T
13.1. Galang
13.2. M.I.A.