Louie Louie "Friend Of A Stranger" LP (2016)
Louie Louie "Friend Of A Stranger" LP (2016)
Louie Louie "Friend Of A Stranger" LP (2016)
Louie Louie "Friend Of A Stranger" LP (2016)
Louie Louie "Friend Of A Stranger" LP (2016)
Born Losers

Louie Louie "Friend Of A Stranger" LP (2016)

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Born LosersDetails: Philadelphia's Louie Louie was the brainchild of Emily Robb (Lantern, Storks, Omon Ra II). It included her sister Jenna Robb (who designed the artwork and textiles for the band) as well as friends and band members Emily K Eichelberger, and Leslie Burnette. The album came out in 2016, but the songs here are timeless in the very essence of the Brill Building pop-style that their music is reminiscent of. 

Description: "Louie Louie is a rock ‘n’ roll band whose sound mixes 60’s soul, vintage rock, and post-punk. Their sound is at once youthful, mature, powerful, and vulnerable. For live performances, Louie Louie utilizes the visual opportunities a stage invites, in part by performing in a growing wardrobe of handcrafted suits. They sing about current issues; they sing about love, about outer space, and about humanity. Though they are very obviously influenced by familiar sounds of the past, they've created something entirely unique and current." - Born Losers Records

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1. Hang It Up
2. Come Over
3. I Want To Dance With You
4. Do It (In Your Mind)
5. Miles Around
6. Will To Find


1. You Still Want Me
2. Touch Me Lightly
3. Interlude
4. After Me
5. Drums Not Guns
6. What A Man Can Do
7. Keep On Dancing