Ky "Power Is The Pharmacy" LP (2023)
Ky "Power Is The Pharmacy" LP (2023)
Ky "Power Is The Pharmacy" LP (2023)
Constellation Records

Ky "Power Is The Pharmacy" LP (2023)

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Details: Ky "Power Is The Pharmacy" LP (2023, Constellation). Super amazing new project by Ky Brooks from art-punk and Canadian experimental and heavy noise (former) Montreal group, Lungbutter (which also featured the brilliant human bean, friend and helper to so many, brightest star and music champion--the late, lovely, Joni Sadler). Just buy it. New stock, sealed. 180g vinyl pressing.

Description: "Ky is the new "solo" project of Ky Brooks, best known as vocalist/lyricist of noise trio Lungbutter and a slew of other Montréal-based out-music projects like 8-person queer punk band Femmaggots and experimental/improv trio Nag. Power Is The Pharmacy is an album of cerebral and visceral art-punk "mainly about grief, death, the fear of loss, losing dreams, losing youth, people, public space, ultimately oneself" — an emotionally electrifying collection of songs fuelled by Ky's piercing poetry, both spoken and sung, delivering an incisive blend of socio-political observation and spiritual sadness, swirling through vortices of disenchantment and re-enchantment."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Power Is The Pharmacy (Teeth)
A2. All The Sad And Loving People
A3. Work That Superficially Looks Like Leisure
A4. The Dancer
A5. Revolving Door


B1. Listen! Avoid Magic! Be Aware!
B2. Dragons
B3. Elvin Silverware
B4. The Replacement
B5. All The Sad And Loving People (Single Version)