Kississippi "Mood Ring" Jawbreaker/Green In Blue LP (2021)
Triple Crown Records

Kississippi "Mood Ring" Jawbreaker/Green In Blue LP (2021)

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Details: Kississippi "Mood Ring" Jawbreaker/Green In Blue LP (2021, Triple Crown Records). New stock, sealed.

Description: "... Regardless of whether it’s about a breakup or bursts of joy, Allaire commands Mood Ring with her distinctive voice and insanely catchy choruses. It’s hard to not become infatuated with the regret sense in “Moonover.”

It’s a heart-wrenching ode to all those coulda-woulda-shoulda moments, but she sings it with a calming tone that eases you into a dance. She moves into really devastating territory in the album’s penultimate track “Big Dipper,” which can’t help but conjure up all the feelings of a devastating breakup, no matter what point in your life you’re at.

The only thing that’s really reliable in this world is change. Whether it’s an intimate personal change or a shifting relationship, the peaks and valleys of ever-changing relationships will punch us all in the gut. Mood Ring walks you through all of them in a sweet way that usually makes you want to dance."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. We're So In Tune
A2. Moonover
A3. Dreams with You
A4. Around Your Room
A5. Heaven


B1. Twin Flame
B2. Play Til You Win
B3. Wish I Could Tell You
B4. Big Dipper
B5. Hellbeing