Jessica Hopper, "Night Moves" Book (2018). Front cover image. U of Texas Press. Memoir, music writing.
Jessica Hopper, "Night Moves" Book (2018). Front cover image. U of Texas Press. Memoir, music writing.
Jessica Hopper, "Night Moves" Book (2018). Back cover image. U of Texas Press. Memoir, music writing.
Jessica Hopper, "Night Moves" Book (2018). Author image. U of Texas Press. Memoir, music writing.
University of Texas Press

Jessica Hopper "Night Moves" Book (2018)

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Details: “Night Moves” by Jessica Hopper, 2018, softcover and paperback. New stock.

Short Description: “The revolutionary culture critic delivers an edgy, exhilarating tribute to Chicago, friendship, and the music that ultimately formed her voice.”

Grade: M (new stock)

Full Description: “Written in taut, mesmerizing, often hilarious scenes, Night Moves captures the fierce friendships and small moments that form us all. Drawing on her personal journals from the aughts, Jessica Hopper chronicles her time as a DJ, living in decrepit punk houses, biking to bad loft parties with her friends, exploring Chicago deep into the night. And, along the way, she creates an homage to vibrant corners of the city that have been muted by sleek development. A book birthed in the amber glow of Chicago streetlamps, Night Moves is about a transformative moment of cultural history—and how a raw, rebellious writer found her voice.” (

Author: Jessica Hopper is a music critic and the author of The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic. She was formerly the Editorial Director at MTV News, and an editor at Pitchfork and Rookie. Her essays have appeared in Best Music Writing for 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, and 2011. Her book The Girls' Guide to Rocking was named one of 2009's Notable Books For Young Readers by the American Library Association.


“Though the entries jump around and there's no sense of time passing. . . As the book goes on the humor is tougher, the point of view sharper, the writer's purchase on her city like a fist closing.”--Rolling Stone

“[Night Moves is] about a special blend of being present and feeling simultaneously nostalgic, looking at a block in any city that you love so much, and thinking of everything that's already changed and will change.”--NPR

“These universal stories could be about your city's rock clubs and bookstores. But it's Hopper's scene, and she shares it with sweetness and immediacy, like a long letter from that pal who always helps you schlep your bike home.”--Pitchfork

“A love letter to the city, [Night Moves is] also a glimpse into Hopper's friendships and her time navigating the scene that she was documenting in her public work.”--New York Times

“In this lively and funny collection, [Hopper] bears vivid witness to an industrial punk landscape that is both crumbling and evolving beneath her bare feet.”--Kirkus

“Rather than bogging readers down with the mundanity of the everyday, Hopper cuts right to the good stuff again and again, like a Lungfish record. Unlike Higgs and company, though, there’s no repetition here, just a collection of lovely moments depicting a time in a place with a tight group of friends.”--Razorcake

“Hopper is ever-quotable, gut-checkingly deep, and laugh-out-loud funny.”--Booklist

“[Night Moves is] the perfect book for recapturing that lightning-like feeling of being young and wild and free, of feeling music in every part of your body.”--Nylon

“[Night Moves] offers a specific and singular glimpse of the city, and a window into a point in time that now seems long past.”--Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“This lovely and succinct memoir by music critic Jessica Hopper reads as if the coolest girl you know has let you take a peek at her personal diary.”--Vulture

“Night Moves isn’t your typical memoir and maybe that’s because Hopper isn’t your typical writer. Her precise attention to detail, infatuation with the Midwest, and her uncompromising, all-encompassing love of music make this book a joy to read. Though the book is short, your favorite entries will stick with you long after you finish.”--Paste Magazine