Ire, The “What Dreams May Come” LP (2022)
Ire, The “What Dreams May Come” LP (2022)
Ire, The “What Dreams May Come” LP (2022)
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Ire, The “What Dreams May Come” LP (2022)

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Details: The Ire, “What Dreams May Come,” (LP 2022). Black vinyl, new stock.

Description: "The Ire recorded What Dreams May Come with Sheer Mag guitarist Hart Seely and with Arthur Rizk, the Cold World/Eternal Champion/War Hungry guitarist who’s produced monster records for bands like Power Trip and Pissed Jeans. The band knows what they’re doing, and so do the people in charge of capturing their sound. The album is cool as hell..."--Stereogum

"Philadelphia’s the IRE has released What Dreams May Come as their first proper full-length. Building on their 2019 demo and 2021 cassette, the IRE opens this album with a short dirge and then ascends into a series of powerful, gothic anthems of hope and perseverance in dark times. The rhythm section of danceable bass guitar and precision drumming assist in creating a tight production, while moments of accurate guitar stabs are delivered quickly and deadly. Vocals are reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux's serenade with lyrics of light and dark imagery in a balance of refined poetry—”The Chariot” and “Ketu: The Severed” are my current album highlights. What Dreams May Come leaves me dreaming of what the IRE will become with future efforts, as this album showcases excellent musicianship and a refined palate of particular taste."--Maximumrocknroll

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Berceuse
A2. The Chariot
A3. Crisis
A4. Dirae
A5. Sooth and Say


B1. Ketu: The Severed
B2. The Adventitious
B3. To Sleep;
B4. Rahu: The Devouring