Faye “You’re Better” CD (2022)
Faye “You’re Better” CD (2022)
Self Aware Records

Faye “You’re Better” CD (2022)

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Details: Faye “You’re Better” CD (2022), Self-Aware Records, Digipak format. New stock, sealed. Exciting new Charlotte NC -based group! Sarah Blumenthal from NC band, Alright.

Description: "...  full of brash blares of feedback-buzzed guitars, rampaging drum lines, and the strutting sass of walking bass, ... it’ll knock you right down if you let it. Not to worry, though, there’s a solicitous sweetness in its quirky, errant melodies, which twist and thread in girl-ish confidentiality."- Jennifer Kelly, DUSTED

"You can find references if you need them. The grinding, shadowy "In The Dark" is a re-imagined "Gigantic" with its fuzzed-out quiet-loud-quiet dynamism, and there are hints of Elastica ("Dream Punches"). It is the magnificent album closer, "Mortal Kombat," that steals the show with its flabby bass drum and growly bass intro underpinning a dreamy, reflective, vocal that builds to a crashing two minutes of frantic and glorious power-pop riffing. A song that sounds much bigger than its running time, full of dissonant twists and deliberate wrong turns, that will, paradoxically have you singing along. An excellent debut from a smart outfit that deserves recognition for their unswerving commitment to their own idiosyncratic path. Heartily recommended." - ThePunkSite

Grade: M (new stock)


1. No Vibes
2. Teeth
3. Confetti
4. Dream Punches
5. Swing State
6. Settle Down 
7. Wise Words
8. Nag D
9. Open Water
10. In The Dark
11. Mortal Kombat