Edie Brickell "Volcano" CD (2003)
Edie Brickell "Volcano" CD (2003)
Edie Brickell "Volcano" CD (2003)
Edie Brickell "Volcano" CD (2003)
Universal Records

Edie Brickell "Volcano" CD (2003)

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Details: Edie Brickell's second solo studio album outside of her work with New Bohemians. Released on Universal Records, BMG Direct CD format pressing (2003). Great condition cover and CD.

Description: "Volcano dabbles in pseudo-edgy rock (“I’ll Be Surprised”) but it’s primarily a disc of gentle melodies and flowing, meandering imagery. “Take A Walk” recalls the slowed-down pace of a lazy Sunday afternoon, evoking the reverie of “Feeling Groovy” by Paul Simon, her husband of more than a decade. The acoustic “Rush Around” is anything but hurried, instead delivered as a tempered, swaying glide, showcasing the full range of Brickell’s musical palette. Elsewhere on the album, rocker/producer Charlie Sexton’s influence is clearly felt. The fellow Texan contributes not only his distinctive blues guitar (“Volcano”), but also an almost innate understanding for what makes Brickell such a fascinating talent. By giving her the freedom to let her songs breathe naturally on what is an exceedingly moving record, Sexton has presented Brickell with a fresh canvas to fully express and explore her matured talents."--Slant Magazine

Grade: NM (Cover) / NM (CD)


1. Rush Around
2. Oo La La
3. I'd Be Surprised
4. Songs We Used To Sing
5. Once In A Blue Moon
6. Volcano
7. More Than Friends
8. The Messenger
9. The One Who Went Away 
10. Take A Walk
11. Not Saying Goodbye
12. Came A Long Way
13. What Would You Do