Daniel Johnston "Alive In New York City" LP/CS (2024)
Daniel Johnston "Alive In New York City" LP/CS (2024)
Daniel Johnston "Alive In New York City" LP/CS (2024)
Shimmy Disc/Joyful Noise

Daniel Johnston "Alive In New York City" LP/CS (2024)

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Details: Daniel Johnston "Alive In New York City" LP (2024, Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise). White or clear vinyl or cassette variants. New stock, sealed.

Description: "This historic release is available in three distinct vinyl pressings and one limited-edition cassette. The 1st pressing is limited to 555 hand-numbered LPs on 150mg black vinyl. It includes a VERY SPECIAL Art Print of a previously unseen Daniel Johnston colored marker drawing available ONLY in this first pressing. ALIVE IN NEW YORK CITY also features a limited-edition 2nd pressing of 999 LPs on "Ghost White" vinyl, in memory of 'Casper', one of Daniel's favorite characters. An "Invisibly Clear" vinyl pressing is also available, along with the limited-edition cassette. A d/l accompanies each vinyl purchase and includes, "The Telephone Demos". Included in each of the three vinyl pressings is a beautiful 3-ft tall fold-out poster of Daniel in New York City. The 56-minute Cassette release also includes, "The Telephone Demos".

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01. Frito Lay, Sweetheart
02. Frustrated Artist
03. The Spook
04. Love Will See You Through
05. Silly Love
06. Live and Let Die
07. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
08. Casper the Friendly Ghost
09. Memory of Love
10. Bloody Rainbow
11. Super Love
12. Kool-Aid Medley / Funeral Home
13. Folly
14. interview (excerpt)