Bacchae "Pleasure Vision" Pink LP (2020)
Bacchae "Pleasure Vision" Pink LP (2020)
Get Better Records

Bacchae "Pleasure Vision" Pink LP (2020)

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Details: Bacchae's 2020 album, second pressing on pink vinyl, 2022, Get Better Records. New stock, opened only to verify color and pressing. 

Description: "On their new LP, Pleasure Vision, brooding synth-driven pop sits alongside prickly, fast-paced punk and spooky post-punk sounds. Sometimes you get all of that in a single song. But whether the band is exploring the pain of a doomed relationship or the push and pull of disgust and desire while shopping online, what carries through it all is a sense of uncertainty, dissolution, and dread. Pleasure Vision is a way of looking at the world that ignores everything but how you can twist it to your own purposes. It’s a vision that’s well-suited to a time when everything and everyone is supposed to be for sale. As the inkblots on the cover imply, this is an album about what you project."

Grade: M/NM (new stock)


A1. Leave Town
A2. Stop Looking
A3. Hammer
A4. Say How You Feel
A5. Older I Get
A6. Life Online


B1. Turns Me
B2. Open Wound
B3. Everything Ugly
B4. See It Coming
B5. Losing War