B-52s Eponymous RE LP (2021)
B-52s Eponymous RE LP (2021)
Warner Records

B-52s Eponymous RE LP (2021)

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Details: The 2021 Warner Records reissue of the B-52's eponymous debut album on black vinyl. New stock, sealed.

Description: The B-52's is the debut album by the Athens, Georgia-based new wave band the B-52's. The kitschy lyrics and mood, and the hook-laden harmonies helped establish a fanbase for the band, who went on to release several chart-topping singles. The album cover was designed by Tony Wright.

“Rock Lobster” remains one of the crown jewels in the B-52’s’ discography and its influence is multigenerational. John Lennon cited it as one of the reasons for his comeback, telling Rolling Stone in 1980, “I was at a dance club one night in Bermuda. Upstairs, they were playing disco, and downstairs I suddenly heard ‘Rock Lobster’ by the B-52’s for the first time. It sounds just like Yoko’s music, so I said to meself, ‘It’s time to get out the old ax and wake the wife up!’”--Albumism

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A1. Planet Claire
A2. 52 Girls
A3. Dance This Mess Around
A4. Rock Lobster


B1. Lava
B2. There's A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)
B3. Hero Worship
B4. 6060-842
B5. Downtown