Various "She Don't Need You" CS (2022)
Various "She Don't Need You" CS (2022)
Girlsville Records

Various "She Don't Need You" CS (2022)

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Details: Various, "She Don't Need You," cassette compilation released on Girlsville Records, 2022. Limited to 100, comes with d/l. Clear cassette shell, white pad printing. Featuring tracks from Coachwhips, Golden Starlet, Posy, Becky & The Politicians, and Andrew Anderson. New stock.

Description: "This Girlsville Records comp is already one of my most played releases of the year: from the riot grrrl garage punk-pop of London’s Sexaphone and the hilariously biting “Stupid Punk Boy” by Middlesbrough’s Golden Starlet to the arthouse, Stereolab-influenced trance of THREX and the ramshackle punk of the legendary Coachwhips — it’s impossible to highlight just one track. The entire thing is brilliant. If you only open your pocketbook for one release this month, make it this one. (Well, that and Ex-Vöid. Obviously. Maybe everything. I’m not your boss.)"
- Maria Sherman, SPIN

Posy is from Olympia, WA and they self-released this tape of furious post-hardcore called "Bongga Ka Dai" which has been snapped up by Contraczt! Records in Germany for an upcoming vinyl pressing. Girlsville will distro some of these. 

Becky & The Politicians (Portland, OR) is self-described as a "fake synth-punk band" that discovered some stringed instruments. This was a pandemic recording full of original stuff rather than the Silicon Teens-like synth punk covers of punk classics from the previous releases. FFO (and related to) Conditioner Disco Group, Collate

Sexaphone (London, UK) Janie Too Bad, and Lemmie Caution (Black Time) were Sexaphone. They released two aughts era singles and have one excellent one that didn’t see the light of day so this is plucked from that batch. They sound somewhere between Black Time & The Frumpies. Or a more Slampt-y Black Time.

Golden Starlet (Middlesbrough, UK) Speaking of Slampt, Golden Starlet were up there in my mind with other bands on the Slampt label like Yummy Fur, Pussycat Trash, and Kenickie. It's got a more shambolic Scottish double drumming C86 buzzsaw guitar sound w sarcastic shouty vocals. This is Stupid Punk Boy it's pulled from an old cassette and the fidelity isn't perfect but I still think it's worthy of being comped.

Andrew Anderson (Sofia, Bulgaria) Andrew from Freak Genes churns out so much gold it's hard to keep up with. This is a cover of Sonique's massive single from the very late 90's "It Feels So Good". I was keen to comp this cuz I'm a fan of the artist and the interpretation, but also cuz Sonique was in S'Express & I'm a fan of hers too.

Coachwhips (San Francisco, CA) Raw dirty & previously unreleased basement demo from SF garage punk legends.

Far Corners (Warren, Rhode Island) Justin Hubbard from Germ House more anxious and noisy band.

The Prissteens (NYC) Party Girl (Demo) From the Firehouse Demos produced by Leslie Day and James Marshall in 1997 but seeing the light of day for the first time here. Kind of a Punk pop Leslie Gore All-Skate, this one. The Prissteens LP & CD are back up and available from Girlsville.

THREX (Portland, OR) Last time I comped THREX on last year's "Paid By Rock" they were in a kind of House phase that was lining up with where I was at in pandemic isolation, basically getting lit in my room and blaring Trax and Cajual Records sides and watching New Dance Show. This release is a gentle left turn to a more Stereolab-influenced kinda thing.

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Posy - Bongga Ka Dai
A2. Becky & The Politicians - Water Like Flesh
A3. Sexaphone - Because
A4. Golden Starlet - Stupid Punk Boy
A5. Andrew Anderson - It Feels So Good (Sonique)


B6. Coachwhips - When I Go (Demo)
B7. Far Corners - How You Get Your Fill
B8. The Prissteens - Party Girl (Demo)
B9. Threx - Redefine Control