Paper Doll "The Very Best of Tiffany Lee Linnes" Comp CS (2021)
Paper Doll "The Very Best of Tiffany Lee Linnes" Comp CS (2021)
Girlsville Records

Paper Doll "The Very Best of Tiffany Lee Linnes" Comp CS (2021)

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Details: Limited edition cassette pressed on a white shell with black pad printing. The music of Tiffany Lee Linnes (The Stuck-Ups, Royal Pains, The Buffets, The Paper Dolls, and The kILLER-dILLERS). Released by Girlsville Records in 2021. Comes with d/l.

Description: "This is a great collection.(...) Linnes’ vocals are full of life, high-pitched, and powerful. She’s my favorite kind of singer."--Carolyn Keddy (Maximum Rocknroll)

Paper Doll is an anthology compilation that highlights the work of Pacific NW punk queen and Medway Beat adjacent artist and musician, Sister Tiffany Lee Linnes.

Girlsville has hand-selected favorites from her catalog spanning the past 20 years, including The Stuck-Ups, Royal Pains, The Buffets, The Paper Dolls, and The kILLER dILLERS. Includes 3 previously unreleased selections. 2 from Paper Dolls, and 1 from Royal Pains.

The Stuck-Ups were a Seattle band that started around the turn of the Century. They released two long players for Sympathy For The Record Industry and a smattering of singles on various labels like Jonny Cat. The early stuff was influenced by UK77 bands like The Sick Things, combined with some Rip Off Records-style snot ala The Spoiled Brats.

The first iteration of the band was Tiffany (Guitar/Vox), Julie (Drums/Vox), and Jasmine (Bass/Vox). After a lineup shake-up, the second iteration of the band had more New Wave leanings. Tiffany (Guitar/Vox) was joined by Meredith (Bass), Nora (Keys), and Justin (Drums). Side B includes the entirety of their side of a split 12″ with The Nasties that was released on now-defunct UK label, Squirrel Records.

Royal Pains were a Seattle punk trio influenced by The Saints and The Rezillos. Tiffany (Bass/Vocals) joined forces with Owen (Guitar/Vox), and Ben (Drums) for this outing. They released one excellent single on Jonny Cat Records in 2005. A couple of selections from the Jonny Cat single are found here, and a previously unreleased demo called “Frustration”.

The Buffets were a Buff Medways tribute band ala Thee Headcoatees. They released one album and one split single for Damaged Goods Records in 2006. Featuring Tiffany (Guitar/Vox), Nurse Julie (Bass/Vox), and Bongo Debbie (Drums/Vox). “Strood Lights” features Miss Ludella Black (Thee Headcoatees) on lead vocals. Both tunes were recorded by Billy Childish and Engineered by Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, England.

The Paper Dolls: Seattle girls (and boys!) in the garage with gang vocals and punk swagger. Tiffany (Guitar/Vox) is joined by Melanie (Bass/Vox), Chris (Guitar), Andrea (Tambourine, Vox), and Ben (Drums) Both selections from The Paper Dolls are previously unreleased and were recorded by Conrad Uno at Egg Studios in Seattle, 2008.

The kILLER-dILLERS: Seattle trio that touched on cowpunk and garage blues that brings to mind bands like The Gun Club, The Gories, and X. Tiffany (Guitar/Vox) is joined by Frankie (Guitar/Vox), and Cid (Drums). The kILLER-dILLERS released one self-titled full-length on Organized Records, 2013.

Special Thanks: Long Gone John, Jonny Harbin, Ian Damaged, Squirrel Records, Sympathy For The Record Industry, Jonny Cat Records, Damaged Goods, Organized Records, Owen Straw, Chris Keenan, Ben Thompson, Frankie Stax, Billy Childish, Nurse Julie, Jasmine Norcross, Bongo Debbie, Justin Hallstrom, Meredith McGuire, Melanie Belanger, Nora Riemenschneider, Cid Carzoli, Andrea Diamond and Jim Collier.

Mastered by Patrick Haight at Spot-On Sound,  Design: Anna Jo Beck, Cover Photo: Meredith McGuire"--GIRLSVILLE 2021, PORTLAND, OREGON

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A1. The Stuck-Ups - Beat The Meat
A2. The Stuck-Ups - Can't Stand U
A3. The Stuck-Ups - Suicide
A4. Royal Pains - Get Punched
A5. Royal Pains - Pressure
A6. The Buffets - Archive From 1959
A7. The Buffets - Strood Lights
A8. The Paper Dolls - Hey There
A9. The Paper Dolls - Devils Rainbow
A10. The Killer-Dillers - Boogie
A11. The Killer-Dillers - Can't Make You Mine


B1. Royal Pains - Frustration (Demo)
B2. The Stuck-Ups - Out Of Control
B3. The Stuck-Ups - You're Dead
B4. The Stuck-Ups - Awkward
B5. The Stuck-Ups - Really Bad Luck
B6. The Stuck-Ups - Last Chance
B7. The Stuck-Ups - My Time
B8. The Stuck-Ups - Not That Girl
B9. The Stuck-Ups - Missing You
B10. The Stuck-Ups - Trouble