Maxines, The "The Maxines Burn It Down" CS (2020)
Maxines, The "The Maxines Burn It Down" CS (2020)
Girlsville Records

Maxines, The "The Maxines Burn It Down" CS (2020)

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Details: The Maxines "The Maxines Burn It Down" CS (2020, Girlsville Records). New stock.

Description: The Maxines were a raw 2-piece garage rock 'n' roll duo from Olympia, WA that existed from 2009-2012. Formed by Texan ex-pats Matt Murillo (UK Gold) and Kel Norman. "The Maxines Burn It Down" is their posthumous full-length, comprised of unreleased material culled from sessions done up in Olympia at High Command with Captain Tripps Ballsington, and Dub Narcotic Studio with Ben Hargett.

"It is so goddamn catchy and compelling it's not even funny." (KK)
-Maximum Rocknroll

"Matt has the exact same red plastic Kay guitar that Kathi Wilcox played in The Frumpies."-
-Tobi Vail

"The Maxines will remind you why baby-you had a crush on rock ‘n’ roll in the first place."--Nailed Magazine

"Love rock. No one really understands what that phrase means outside of a couple of friends from the Pacific Northwest circa the time of the first International Pop Underground Convention (1991, Olympia) (it’s the one that directly presaged the first wave of Riot Grrrl) – and yes, I’m particularly looking Rich Jensen and Al Larsen‘s way right now – but this nails it. Bands rooted in genuine friendship, with a great minimal garage sound. Inventive, disruptive, tied only by the understanding that the more basic you keep it the more freedom you have. In every respect."--Everett True

The Maxines Burn It Down Jcard design: Forrest Peaker. The Maxines Burn It Down was mastered by Patrick Haight at Spot-On Sound

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Our Earth Name
A2. Celebrated Gentleman
A3. Honestly
A4. Sweet Nothings (Brenda Lee)
A5. Sinking Ship Klub


B1. Spit/Sweat
B2. Burn It Down
B3. Walk Along
B4. Monkey Song (Big Bopper)
B5. Kave Mice
B6. Reel & Wind
B7. Champagne Induced Typo