Vinyl Record Catalog Cards
Vinyl Record Catalog Cards
Vinyl Record Catalog Cards
Koeppel Design

Vinyl Record Catalog Cards

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Details: Koeppel Design Vinyl Record Catalog Cards To Use: For every rare, favorite, or special record in your collection fill in one card. Write as much or as little detail as you'd like to be included in your personal library. Use an archival pen included with cards for best results. Store the album and card together. Place Catalog Card inside the clear outer sleeve for easy viewing, or tuck it into the album jacket for safekeeping. Each card measures 4 in x 4 in.

Each pad contains:

  • Notepad of 50 Catalog Cards + 1 archival ink pen
  • Acid-free archival cardstock
  • Designed in SF, printed in LA
  • Designed in collaboration with Archivist Amanda McCabe
  • Archival ink pen is ph neutral, fade resistant, bleed-free
  • Each pen has enough ink for well over 200+ cards

Description: "The albums you collect tell your story. Our Catalog Card notepads will help you thoughtfully document your music library with ease, for your future self or the next generation of record collectors in your family. Our archival-quality notepads are designed to bridge the gap between essential album metadata and personal memories connected to our collections to make family and intergenerational sharing more accessible, personal, and present.

Designed and developed with a certified recorded sound archivist, each double-sided card has 20+ fields for essential album information including release details, media grading, sound quality, purchase location, memories, and other useful information. Each notepad has 50 cards and comes with a professional-grade archival ink pen that won’t bleed or fade. 

Store one annotated Catalog Card with each of your favorite records to keep your memories and collection accessible and well-preserved. Catalog Cards are designed to be used alone, or in tandem with digital databases like Discogs, etc. While a digital database is useful, it isn’t always accessible to the people you may share your collection with and doesn’t allow for easy documentation of personal memory. Our archival-quality Catalog Cards are personal, immediate, and engaging for a deeper enjoyment of your full music experience." KOEPPEL DESIGN

Grade: M (new stock)