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My name’s Carly, and I own the record store: Modern Soul Records! Thank you so much for checking us out. We’re an online-only, specialized, record and book store, based in New Jersey.

In putting my ideas together for Modern Soul Records: I wanted to create a record and book store that focused the lens on women performing in music, the arts, and pop culture. It needed to span—and shoot an arrow—across the more linear boundaries in genre, gender, feminism, activism, intersection, culture, authorship, and musicianship. I wanted the shop to be a reflective, experimental, flexible, AND cohesive experience and a space to spend time in, like visiting a record store in person: but with more specialized content that was always changing. Where you could browse through and find something new by an artist that you know, one that you remembered, or find something by an artist that you’d never even heard of. I wanted the store to feel personal.

As a micro business, I’m starting with a very small amount of intensely specialized used and new inventory, which will continue to change. This means that items will be available in limited quantities.

I’m also SUPER EXCITED to announce that the shop will be open TODAY! for early access (Friday, July 10th, 2020). Refer your friends to visit to sign up also! 

Sincerely, you have my heart, thank you!

Carly M

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