The Linda Lindas & Bacchae at The Foundry (Philadelphia, PA, 7/26/22)

Bacchae Live Reviews The Linda Lindas

The Linda Lindas @ The Foundry 7/26/22

It was a The Linda Lindas' kind of week with the band performing a fierce and energetic set this past Tuesday at The Foundry in Philadelphia--the fact that they opened with one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies was just the kicker (The Blue Hearts' now iconic song "Linda Linda" the inspiration for the movie and band in, Linda Linda Linda, a DVD gifted to me in the mid- 2000s by Plumtree bassist/singer and best bud/long-time friend, Catriona Sturton, whose own band's song Scott Pilgrim (a music video filmed with members of Halifax-Explosion 90s-era bands, The Plan, and Jale) would also have its own later influence and impact on a young Bryan Lee O'Malley for his Manga series, and later, a movie, a video game, and announced earlier this year, a forthcoming possible Netflix series as well). Some days, I only need a Venn diagram to show the intersections of people in my life.

Watch the trailer for Linda Linda Linda, below:

The Linda Lindas @ The Foundry (Carly M)

Los Angeles' The Linda Lindas' performed like pros, jumping off of stage PAs, and performing guitar-rock and synchronized moves to their inspirational pop-punk tracks that eventually ended with a mid-set crowd call-and-response for their lead single "Oh!" and a finale that included their recent cover of "Tonite" by The Go-Go's and Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl." Truly an inspiring and very sold-out show that I spent part of the time texting with friend Alice Bag* about the greatness of, because I was just so in awe. We are both, in awe!

*if you haven't subscribed to Alice and hub Greg's Mexico City and beyond punk travel and experience diary, you are missing out! Watch it, and punch that subscribe button, here:

Bacchae @ The Foundry (Carly M)

DC-based Bacchae also lit the stage up with their riotous punk and super-infectious surf-garage set and called out thank you's to everyone from Doylestown's favorite teen punk-rockers', Froggy (their bassist was up-front at the show), Philadelphia's Catbite and Get Better Records' Alex for all of the help and support, among others. Their set had so much fun and seriously head bangin' energy that it was hard not to feel a part of the band's extended local family. A great night!

Brooke from Doylestown's Froggy in the crowd @ The Foundry!

You can now find The Linda Lindas' debut full-length and Epitaph Records' album "Growing Up" in the shop (on CD and limited LP) as well as Bacchae's 2020 release for their album "Pleasure Vision," (Get Better Records).

More live photos (thanks to Darren O @modrevolve) below:

The Linda Lindas @ The Foundry 7/26/22

The Linda Lindas @ The Foundry 7/26/22

Bacchae @ The Foundry 7/26/22

Bacchae @ The Foundry 7/26/22

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