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The Tissues' Photo by Luis Giovani (L-R Tara, Kristine, Bianca)
Los Angeles band The Tissues' amazing second album "Blue Film" (the 2020 follow up to the band's 2017 debut, "Veil") is a tempered boiling pot: lead singer Kristine Nevrose's vocals hit brooding, melodic lows, and dark and explosive highs as she pushes hard on the band's frenetic, and pounding, garage-punk beats. 
"Blue Film" album art by Bianca Ayala. Cover model Juliette Contrera.
Recorded at Hububaloo studios in Fullerton, CA with Colin Knight, the album was finalized around the summer of 2019, which meant a late fall announcement and a January 2020 release for "Blue Film." The album was recorded with members Kristine Nevrose (lead vocals), former guitarist Jerry Narrows, and Bianca Ayala (bass) who formed the band with Nevrose, and have been playing together since 2015, along with the addition of drummer Tara Edwards (in mid-2018). We spoke to lead singer Kristine about what 2020 looked like for the group (who have plans to add a new guitarist to their lineup this year, in 2021).
The band fortunately had a short window of time pre-pandemic in 2020 to start out on a high performing shows as well as collaborating with musician, artist, and friend Alice Bag, for Bag's new album's lead video, "Sister Dynamite," released in March 2020 (see Kristine as the main ass-kicking heroine/muse in the video), as well as featuring Bag in their own album video for, "My Body My Mind," a powerful punk track written about autonomy and control of self, mind, and body within that personal autonomy. 
Carly: Tell us about the track "Formation 99" (from your latest album, "Blue Film") and what is the story behind this song?
Kristine Nevrose: "Formation 99" is a dedication to Amelia Earhart. I, Kristine, was really fascinated with the fact that she was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She also created "the 99s," a program assistance to fund flight training for both recreational and career-track women pilots by awarding a scholarship for an entire pilot certificate, or, a rating for qualified members. Traveling has always been a great adventure in large thanks to Earheart, who pretty much paved the way. 
Tell us about a favorite lyric or section from "Formation 99."
My favorite lyric from this song would have to be "Hide from Government swine," because it deals with the ugliness of politics and the way that the Government portrays womxn, and in politics (especially during the 1920s/1930s-era). 
What inspires you to write and create art and/or music? What is your favorite thing that came out of creating and recording "Blue Film"?
Inspiration with creating art/songs has a lot to do with collaboration. Our most favorite thing about "Blue Film," is that everything from the ground up was created by us. The art, the music, and all the hardship in between. 
What draws you out of a dark mood?
The dark mood is more-so a reflection of our style. Not everything in this world is based on love, and so it is nice to bring in other pieces of emotion that exist as well. Sometimes it’s also nice to ruminate in that darkness because it’s quintessentially human. 
If you could send out a positive signal to yourself, or to others: what would that be?
Keep going. 
Include a photo of the band or a photo or piece of art that inspires the band. Tell us about the photo or image or art and why you chose it.
Here’s two (see images below) from our record release show at Zebulon. We’ve all experienced sexism and the repercussions of a music industry that has historically glorified and rewarded men for abusing and objectifying women. So, being able to create music that speaks our truth and form a sisterhood that uplifts us and the womxn and femmes around us is the most rewarding aspect of being in a band. 
You worked on the video with Alice for her album title track, "Sister Dynamite," and Alice was also featured on your video for your song "My Body My Mind." Tell us about your experience collaborating with each other. What is your favorite memory from working together on these songs?
It was amazing because Alice had messaged me asking me to be her muse for [her song] "Sister Dynamite." It felt surreal at first but knowing and hanging out with her more, she was more of an ally and an inspiration to younger womxn in the music industry. 
The Tissues - My Body My Mind
(featuring The Tissues with Alice Bag)
Alice Bag - "Sister Dynamite"
(featuring Alice Bag with The Tissues' Kristine Nevrose)
Does the band have further release plans or other plans for 2021? What are you all looking forward to?
We just want to start writing again and doing shows!
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