X "Alphabetland" LP (2020)
X "Alphabetland" LP (2020)
Fat Possum

X "Alphabetland" LP (2020)

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Details: Alphabetland by X released in April 2020. New item, sealed. Fantastic and most recent album released by the band X. Black vinyl.

Description: "On their first new album featuring all four original members since 1985, the Los Angeles punk icons return to the sound of their heyday on a highly formidable comeback."--Pitchfork

"While everyone is social distancing, closing ranks and donning masks while they shop, life can seem somewhat surreal to the senses. Yet, through all of the chaos, one thing is constant, music brings us together. Now, on the 40th Anniversary of the landmark, Los Angeles, and 35 years since the original band have released an album – X, one of the greatest Punk Rock bands in music history, releases ALPHABETLAND today via Bandcamp. The original foursome - Exene Cervenka, John Doe, Billy Zoom, and DJ Bonebrake have now made the album available for fans to purchase and by adapting to this moment, X continues to embody the same spirit they did when they began in 1977.

“When your heart is broken you think every song is about that. These songs were written in the last 18 months & it blows my mind how timely they are,” explained John Doe. “We all want our family, friends & fans to hear our records as soon as it's finished. This time we could do that. Thanks to Fat Possum & our audience.”

The bands record label, Fat Possum, listened and agreed. Plans were quickly set in motion to release the new music via Bandcamp and have said they're working to get the record available elsewhere as quickly as possible."

Grade: M (new stock, sealed)


A1. Alphabetized
A2. Free
A3. Water and Wine
A4. Strange Life
A5. I Gotta Fever
A6. Delta 88 Nightmare


B1. Star Chambered
B2. Angel On The Road
B3. Cyrano deBerger's Back
B4. Goodbye Year, Goodbye
B5. All The Time In The World