Wednesday "Twin Plagues" RE LP (2023)
Wednesday "Twin Plagues" RE LP (2023)
Dead Oceans

Wednesday "Twin Plagues" RE LP (2023)

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Details: Wednesday "Twin Plagues" Reissue LP (2023, Dead Oceans). New stock, sealed.

Description: "Twin Plagues can feel relentless, almost interminable. After all, this is a record haunted by its own becoming. Hartzman’s vocals are often submerged underneath the noise completely, crushed by its weight. Occasionally, she breaks through the surface in slower ballads like “How Can You Live if You Can’t Love How Can You if You Do,” where a folksy twang adds welcomed variation. One might charge, perhaps, that those moments are too few. In “Three Sisters,” things start to get lost within the folds of a dense blanket of sound. But the issues on Twin Plagues are minor. Like Amanda, in “Gary’s,” who was “screaming something at her boyfriend that we could not make out,” Wednesday leave behind something—something we’ll remember even without all the details."--Pitchfork

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Twin Plagues
A2. Handsome Man
A3. They Burned Down The Dairy Queen
A4. Cliff
A5. How Can You Live If You Can’t Love How Can You If You Do
A6. Cody's Only


B1. Toothache
B2. Birthday Song
B3. One More Last One
B4. Three Sisters
B5. Gary's
B6. Ghost Of A Dog