Virginia Wing "Rhonda" 12" EP (2016)
Fire Records

Virginia Wing "Rhonda" 12" EP (2016)

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Details: Virginia Wing's 2016 three-track single, "Rhonda," released on Fire Records in 2016 prior to the release of their late 2016 album, Forward Constant Motion (also on Fire). These three tracks only appear on this single.

Description: "Rhonda finds the band continuing to mine their triangular oeuvre of dreamstate vocals, chewy synths and sprawling beats. Its an intriguing mix that compels both dance and meditation, particularly on the title track.

The South London trio of Alice Merida Richards (Vocals, Synths, Organ), Samuel Pillay (Synths, guitar, noises, bass) and Sebastian Truskolaski (Drums, percussion) are adept weaving sophisticated electro pop. Unlike much contemporary pop/television jingles Virginia Wing aren’t in a hurry to impale you with the hook. Rather, tracks like “Sisterly Love” and the mostly instrumental “Daughter of the Mind” slowly unfold and subtly work into your ears, not unlike Sydney’s Telafonica. For fans of clever pop that is equally appealing to the visceral and corporeal, Rhonda is highly recommended."--Cyclic Defrost

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A1. Rhonda


B1. Sisterly Love
B2. Daughter Of Mind