Various "Mondo Exotica" CD (1996)
Various "Mondo Exotica" CD (1996)
Various "Mondo Exotica" CD (1996)
Various "Mondo Exotica" CD (1996)
Capitol Records

Various "Mondo Exotica" CD (1996)

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Details: Mondo Exotica various release on Capitol Records, released in 1996. Remastered version.

Description: An 18-song exhumation of the Capitol exotica back catalog, placing old standbys like Martin DennyLes Baxter, and Yma Sumac alongside lesser-knowns like Webley EdwardsBas Sheva, and the wonderfully-named 80 Drums Around the World. This favors easy listening-friendly exotica, rather than the style at its most outrageous. It may be too naroticizing for some, but connoisseurs will appreciate the inclusion of the rarer material; a couple of the cuts were even previously unreleased."--Richie Unterberger, AllMusic

Grade: NM (CD/Cover)


1. Martin Denny - Swamp Fire
2. The Out Islanders - Moon Mist
3. 80 Drums Around The World - Caravan
4. Martin Denny - Hypnotique
5. Les Baxter - Atlantis
6. Webley Edwards - Alika
7. Martin Denny - Miserlou
8. Bas Sheva - Lust
9. Chick Floyd & His Orchestra - Hana Maui
10. Les Baxter - Voodoo Dreams / Voodoo
11. Martin Denny - Jungle Madness
12. Yma Smac - Babalu
13. Les Baxter - Simba
14. Martin Denny - The Girlfriend Of The Whirling Dervish
15. Tak Shindo - Bali Ha'i
16. Les Baxter - Pyramid Of The Sun
17. Martin Denny - Quiet Village
18. Yma Sumac - Wimoweh