Times New Viking "Dancer Equired" LP (2011)
Times New Viking "Dancer Equired" LP (2011)
Times New Viking "Dancer Equired" LP (2011)
Times New Viking "Dancer Equired" LP (2011)
Times New Viking "Dancer Equired" LP (2011)
Merge Records

Times New Viking "Dancer Equired" LP (2011)

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Details: Used and NM copy of Times New Viking's album, "Dancer Equired," released on Merge Records (black vinyl). Fantastic condition!

Description: "Times New Viking (the band name being an obscure and meaningless pun on the name of the popular typeface Times New Roman) formed in Columbus, Ohio, in 2004, when art school students Adam Elliott, Beth Murphy, and Jared Phillips spontaneously decided to form a band while hanging out in a local rock club."

"One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, the saying goes. Dumpster diving with Times New Viking isn’t a hobby for everyone, but out of the noisy dust cloud emerges a collection of songs worthy of inclusion in any sentence mentioning faithful Guided By Voices or Yo La Tango acolytes. Compared to their earlier DIY efforts that sounded at best like the band recorded onto a VHS tape (really) and at worst into a rusty old Folgers can (not really), this time around under the auspices of Merge Records, Dancer Equired effectively ups the fidelity level to 11. Now, working with a budget that must surely exceed three figures, the hearts of these songs are animated, the hooks sparkle in the grime, and the Ohio band clarifies what they want to say without changing how they say it." - Alex Young, Consequence of Sound

Grade: NM (Record/Cover)


A1. It's A Culture
A2. Ever Falling In Love
A3. No Room To Live
A4. Try Harder
A5. California Rott
A6. Ways To Go


B1. Downtown Eastern Bloc
B2. More Rumours
B3. Don't Go To Liverpool
B4. Fuck Her Tears
B5. Want to Excist
B6. Somebodies Slave
B7. No Good