The Flying Lizards Self-Titled LP (1980)
The Flying Lizards Self-Titled LP (1980)
The Flying Lizards Self-Titled LP (1980)
Virgin Records

The Flying Lizards Self-Titled LP (1980)

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Details: The Flying Lizards self-titled album on Virgin Records, 1980. Canadian release. Light staining on right hand (bottom corner, see images). Promo copy (bottom right punch). Light ring wear.

Description: "In the autumn of 1979, the Flying Lizards cover of "Money (That's What I Want)" took the avant-classical sound of "prepared" instruments into the U.K. Top 5. The bass drum on the single isn't a drum at all but a bass guitar being hit with a stick while the banjo-like piano sound was created by throwing objects--rubber toys, a glass ashtray, a telephone directory, a cassette recorder, sheet music--inside the piano. Cowritten by Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr., "Money" is most famous as recorded by the Beatles in 1963. ... The distortion-overloaded guitar solo gesticulates wildly like an overexcited man and the backing vocals sound like tribespeople chanting in the rain forest. Lead singer Deborah Evans replaces Lennon's lusty working-class rasp with icily enunciated aristocratic disdain. ... An exercise in pop absurdism, the self-titled debut album from the Flying Lizards featured a Brecht-Well cover, Sanskrit chants, found sounds, and unlikely instrumental textures. Cunningham's penchant for excessive studio processing and daft effects intensified the spirit of whimsical artifice that infused the whole project."

Grade: VG (Cover) / VG+ (Record) 


A1. Mandelay Song
A2. Her Story
A3. TV
A4. Russia
A5. Summertime Blues


B1. Money
B2. The Flood
B3. Trouble
B4. Events During Flood
B5. The Window