Still Corners "Strange Pleasures" LP (2013)
Still Corners "Strange Pleasures" LP (2013)
Still Corners "Strange Pleasures" LP (2013)
Still Corners "Strange Pleasures" LP (2013)
Still Corners "Strange Pleasures" LP (2013)
Still Corners "Strange Pleasures" LP (2013)
Still Corners "Strange Pleasures" LP (2013)
Sub Pop

Still Corners "Strange Pleasures" LP (2013)

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Details: Still Corners "Strange Pleasures" released in 2013. The band's 3rd studio album released on Sub Pop Records on black vinyl. Record (previously owned) shows light wear. Comes with original download slip. Hype sticker on plastic shrink (still on cover, but opened).

Description: "A self-released 2008 mini-album, Remember Pepper, heavily influenced by nouvelle vague cinema and Ennio Morricone soundtracks, provided Still Corners’ first above-the-parapet appearance, while a brace of well-received singles, and a series of spectacular live shows, with the Hughes/Murray duo augmented by additional musicians and emblazoned with Leon Dufficy’s seductive film projections, would bring Still Corners to the attention of Sub Pop, who duly signed them and set about releasing the critically lauded single “Cuckoo,” followed by the equally extolled Creatures of an Hour.

Presaged by the beguilingly soaring “Fireflies” single, Strange Pleasures brings the Still Corners story up to date. A culmination of all that has gone before, for Greg Hughes the album is testament to the potency of untrammelled creative instinct; its title references: “The strange idea of falling in love; the strange idea of letting the songs go where they wanted to. They’re both tied together, the feeling of letting go and having it all wash over you. I was just doing whatever came out, not getting in the way of the songs at all. I’ve been practicing that my whole life-how to get out of the way of a song. Strange Pleasures is a pop record at heart, with anything that’s ever influenced me coming to the front."

Grade: NM (Cover) / VG+ (Record)


A1. The Trip
A2. Beginning To Blue
A3. I Can't Sleep
A4. All I Know
A5. Fireflies
A6. Berlin Lovers


B1. Future Age
B2. Going Back To Strange
B3. Beatcity
B4. Midnight Drive
B5. We Killed The Moonlight
B6. Strange Pleasures