Sextile "Push" CD or Red LP (2023)
Sextile "Push" CD or Red LP (2023)
Sextile "Push" CD or Red LP (2023)
Sacred Bones

Sextile "Push" CD or Red LP (2023)

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Details: Sextile "Push" CD or Red LP (2023, Sacred Bones Records). New stock, sealed.

Description: "Push was inspired by the kind of pleasure-seeking music fans whose social calendar comprises both the punk show and the rave. Josh Wink, Iggy Pop, Goldie, and early XL Recording have all been name checked as influences on Push, and the dance floor remains a constant presence. Repping their place of origin, “New York” brings these musical touchstones off the page, guiding the album like an acid-soaked lodestar with its grinning nod to “Higher State of Consciousness” and a whirly gig of music-box synths. There are still nods and “hellos” to the caustic post-punk of Sextile’s earlier work. Sextile haven’t relinquished their punk credentials, they’ve just given them a smiley-faced revamp."

Grade: M (new stock)


01. Contortion
02. No Fun
03. Crassy Mel
04. Lost Myself Again
05. Crash
06. New York
07. Basically Crazy
08. Modern Weekend
09. LA DJ
10. Plastic
11. Imposter