Rachel Sweet "I Go To Pieces" Single (1979)
Rachel Sweet "I Go To Pieces" Single (1979)
Rachel Sweet "I Go To Pieces" Single (1979)
Stiff Records

Rachel Sweet "I Go To Pieces" Single (1979)

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Details: One of the three lead singles from Rachel Sweet's 16-year-old debut album, "Fool Around," released on Stiff Records (1978). The US and UK albums had many of the same tracks, although the UK album did not include the US cover track, "I Go To Pieces," which ended up being a single instead with US/UK included track, "What Does Lisa Like?" as a B-side in the UK. Cool punch-out spider instead of a large hole or small hole design set into the record label (see image). Fantastic condition!

Description: "Fool Around is Rachel Sweet's debut album, released when she was age 16. The album was originally released in England as Stiff Records SEEZ 12 with some different tracks and ordering from that which appeared on the American release and all other releases since."

"After beginning her singing career at the age of three, when she won an electric garage door opener in a singing contest, she began recording commercials at the age of six, toured with Mickey Rooney, and performed in Las Vegas as the opening act for Bill Cosby at the age of 12. She began recording country music in 1974, but with little success beyond one minor hit. Switching to rock and roll, she signed to Stiff Records and released her first album, Fool Around, in 1978, dropping out of high school to concentrate on her career, although she was still required to devote time to her studies. Sweet was backed by The Records on the Stiff Records tour in 1978."


Grade: NM (Cover) / NM (Record)


A1. I Go To Pieces 


B1. Who Does Lisa Like