Momma "Household Name" Red LP or CD (2022)
Momma "Household Name" Red LP or CD (2022)
Momma "Household Name" Red LP or CD (2022)
Momma "Household Name" Red LP or CD (2022)
Momma "Household Name" Red LP or CD (2022)
Momma "Household Name" Red LP or CD (2022)
Momma "Household Name" Red LP or CD (2022)
Polyvinyl/Lucky Number

Momma "Household Name" Red LP or CD (2022)

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Details: Momma's third album, "Household Name," released on Polyvinyl Records and Lucky Number. Red opaque vinyl, or CD digipak formats.

Description: "After collaborating on every aspect of the songs—from writing to arrangements—Momma recorded Household Name at Studio G in Brooklyn and Kobayashi Ritch’s home studio in Los Angeles. Kobayashi Ritch took on the roles of producer and mixer—like Flood on Smashing Pumpkins’ seminal Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness—aiming to embrace all the band’s ‘90s influences while also bringing the sonics forward with a contemporary freshness. “Artists like Nirvana and Liz Phair were obviously huge influences for this record, particularly in the songwriting, but I drew just as much inspiration from artists like Frou Frou, Linkin Park, Pinback, and Garbage. That era of popular music was really inspiring to me because those artists celebrated the production instead of hiding it away, and it made the music feel energetic and daring,” he explains. “I wanted to bring that mentality to Momma, and make this album feel intentional and complete. I also wanted to make sure we weren’t just making a throwback record. While our influences are definitely noticeable, I think the different sounds and vibes and songwriting help it read as something new and exciting that only Momma could make.”

Household Name perfects a balance of heavy riffs, deep emotions, inviting sonic production, and a lighthearted, wry sense of humor, creating a singular lane for Momma in today's world of alt-rock. The album introduces a thrilling new era of the band to not only listeners but also to the members themselves. “There have been so many times where I have begun to write words to a tune, just out of pure emotion from something I experienced, and I don’t actually realize how I feel about the situation until I listen back to the lyrics after a few days,” Friedman notes. “So, when an artist gets personal in their music, it seems to me that the listeners and the artist are having the same experience at once, which is a better understanding of the writer as a whole. That’s what I want these songs to give to the listener: a true introduction to all sides of Momma.”

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A1. Rip Off
A2. Speeding 72
A3. Medicine
A4. Rockstar
A5. Motorbike
A6. Tall Home


B1. Lucky
B2. Brave
B3. Callin' Me
B4. Spider
B5. No Stage
B6. No Bite


1. Rip Off
2. Speeding 72
3. Medicine
4. Rockstar
5. Motorbike
6. Tall Home
7. Lucky
8. Brave
9. Callin' Me
10. Spider
11. No Stage
12. No Bite