Manuela "Manuela" LP (1968)
Manuela "Manuela" LP (1968)
Manuela "Manuela" LP (1968)
Manuela "Manuela" LP (1968)
Manuela "Manuela" LP (1968)
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Manuela "Manuela" LP (1968)

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Details: Used sentimental pop record by Berlin singer and 60s Bossanova and 'hitmaker' pop-sound artist 'Manuela'. Album cover is not in great condition with a lot of wear, but the record, itself, is in great condition and conservatively graded. This is a hard to find record, and very collectible.

Description: "Doris Inge Wegener, better known by her stage name Manuela, was a German singer. Manuela was born and died in Berlin. She worked in Germany as a singer of Schlager songs ("Typical schlager tracks are either sweet, sentimental ballads with a simple, catchy melody or light pop tunes. Lyrics typically center on love, relationships, and feelings. The northern variant of schlager (notably in Finland) has taken elements from Nordic and Slavic folk songs, with lyrics tending towards melancholic and elegiac themes. Musically, schlager bears similarities to styles such as easy listening."). She played in some German films like Im singenden Rößl am Königssee (1963), Twenty Girls and the Teachers (1971) and Schuld war nur der Bossa Nova (1992)."

Grade: VG (Cover) / VG+ (Record)


A1. How Near Is Love
A2. Que Sera, Sera
A3. Thou Shalt Not
A4. Then
A5. Adios Paloma
A6. I Still Love You


B1. Guantanamera
B2. Monsieur Dupont
B3. Wenn Es Nacht Wird In Harlem (When A Man Loves A Woman)
B4. Mademoiselle Angelique
B5. Herzklopfen
B6. Senior Gonzales