Liz Phair “Liz Phair” CD (2003)
Liz Phair “Liz Phair” CD (2003)
Liz Phair “Liz Phair” CD (2003)
Liz Phair “Liz Phair” CD (2003)
Capitol Records

Liz Phair “Liz Phair” CD (2003)

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Details: Liz Phair is the fourth studio album by Liz Phair, released in 2003 on Capitol Records. Enhanced CD format.  "Why Can't I?" and "Extraordinary" were released as singles. CD has been play tested but visible scratches/scuff. Cover looks perfect.

Description: “…I feel that the stylistic change that Liz underwent on this album was much needed, but some critics have marked this as the official point where Liz "sold out". I agree that Liz likely wanted to create a more successful, mainstream album at the time to get more record sales and make more money, but I sense enough passion in the majority of these songs that I feel she genuinely wanted to go in this direction with her music regardless. While I'd recommend Exile in Guyville first and foremost to anyone who has never listened to Liz Phair, I do maintain that Liz Phair is her most fun, accessible, and possibly best album overall.”—SputnikMusic

Grade: NM (Cover) / VG (CD) 


1. Extraordinary 
2. Red Light Fever
3. Why Can’t I?
4. It’s Sweet 
5. Rock Me
6. Take A Look
7. Little Digger
8. Firewalker
9. Favorite 
10. Love/Hate
11. H.W.C.
12. My Bionic Eyes
13. Friend Of Mine
14. Good Love Never Dies