Hole “Live Through This” CD (1994)
Hole “Live Through This” CD (1994)
Hole “Live Through This” CD (1994)
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Hole “Live Through This” CD (1994)

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Details: Hole's second studio album, released on Geffen in 1994. Used CD/NM.

Description: "Live Through This was meant to be an act of redemption, proving that her talent outsized the extent of her controversies: and for those willing to pay attention, it did just that. The album is a roller-coaster reflection on co-dependency, motherhood and feminism that found the volcanic frontwoman making the case that she was, in fact, more than a grunge housewife in a tattered babydoll dress. The tumult and uncertainty of her relationship with Cobain, as well as his health, were confronted head-on across the LP, along with the many facets of her life and persona: She dangles her self-image like a carrot for her critics (“Plump,” “Miss World”); teases the Washington scene kids she came up with (“Rock Star”); tackles post-partum depression (“I Think That I Would Die”) and gets brutally honest about feeling like she could never measure up (“Doll Parts”). Carrying it all is Love’s colossal vocal range: Her voice jerks chaotically from soft, über-femme vulnerability to guttural, blood-curdling screams that feel like they’re being torn from the depths of her stomach.

Love has long lived her life the way she performs: though it may outwardly lack precision and grace, her unnerving rawness is intended to unsettle you. In the year following the release of Live Through This, Love grew into her identity as a widow and a single mother, who refused to grieve in silence; and followed by the sudden death of bassist Kristen Pfaff by heroin overdose, the band was on the brink of a downward spiral. While battling a severe drug addiction herself, Love turned Hole’s controversial 1994-1995 Live Through This tour into both a public wake and a statement of artistic intent, while repeatedly and very narrowly avoiding jail time for her violent, erratic behavior. The way she processed her grief evoked polarizing reactions from those watching her every move, ranging from genuine sympathy and conspiracy theory-fueled hatred. At times, Love found ways to feed into both those extremes — and make you regret reacting at all. Like each of her songs, Love could only stay quiet for so long before exploding into brash, unfiltered fury." - 'Live Through This' at 25 for Rolling Stone, by Brittany Spanos

Grade: NM (Cover/Record)


1  Violet
2. Miss World
3. Plump
4. Asking For It
5. Jennifers Body
6. Doll Parts
7. Credit In The Straight Eorld
8. Softer, Softest
9. She Walks On Me
10. I Think That I Would Die
11. Gutless
12. Rock Star